Holston Methodist Federal Credit Union offers two convenient saving accounts to help you stay focused on specific goals. Have you ever wished you would have saved more for your holiday shopping? With a Holston Methodist Federal Credit Union Holiday Club Savings Account, you can save throughout the year so you'll have all the cash you need for holiday expenses. With a You-Name-It savings account you can save for a vacation getaway, a special gift, wedding expenses, tax payments or any other special needs You can open up to 99 subaccounts under your main member account number.

Holiday Club

Plan on saving for the Christmas Holidays and don't go into debt. Make a list of all recipients and the amount you wish to spend on each person.  Add up the amounts, divide by the number of paychecks during the year, and that's what you'll need to save monthly.  All Holiday Club checks are automatically transferred to your Prime Share account on October 15th of each year. A penalty fee of $5.00 is assessed for withdrawals made before the time of disbursement.
Contact us for more information about our Holiday Club Account.

"You-Name-It" Account

Holston Methodist FCU's , You-Name-It Savings Account can help you save for a special vacation, new auto, new appliances, household repairs, trips to the SPA, or whatever savings goal you have in mind.

  • Open multiple savings accounts under one membership number so you can set aside funds for each of your savings goals. For example, open one for a car repairs, one for the Hawaiian vacation you've been planning, and another one for that new car.
  • Tell us what you want to name the account. Each month your statement will reflect the name you choose so you can keep track of your funds and your savings goals!
  • Open each account with as little as $1
  • Pays competitive monthly dividends
  • No monthly service fees to maintain account
  • Make saving easier with payroll deduction or automatic transfers (contact the credit union to initiate automatic transfers)